Friends of Strays Named Official Rescue Partner of Sunshine Kitty Catfe

Friday, March 15, 2019

Want a place where you can go hang out with a bunch of adoptable cats while enjoying a tasty beverage? Maybe you fall in love with one of those cats and decide to adopt it. Maybe you already have cats, but need a cool spot to unwind and pet some other cats. Maybe you can't have cats at home because your stupid boyfriend is allergic. Maybe you just want to kick back and drink a good beer in a chill space. 

Well Sunshine Kitty Catfe's vision is a cat lover's dream!

Friends of Stays is thrilled to announce that we have been chosen as the official rescue partner of St. Pete's first-ever Cat Cafe: Sunshine Kitty Catfe

Sunshine Kitty Catfe will be your typical cafe with coffee, tea, beer (yes, even beer!), and baked-goods, except for one important part: The Cat Lounge. The Cat Lounge will be a room where patrons can enjoy their food & drink while socializing with free-roaming, adoptable cats! Seriously, what could be better?

In this partnership, Friends of Strays Animal Shelter will provide Sunshine Kitty Catfe with friendly & social adoptable cats. Per agreement between the two groups, all cats will be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped before they are transported to Sunshine Kitty Catfe. Friends of Strays will continue to provide guidance & veterinary care for the duration of each cats’ stay as well as adoption training to Sunshine Kitty Catfe staff and volunteers in order to ensure the same standards as those at the shelter are met.  

“Sunshine Kitty Catfe is so incredibly proud to partner with Friends of Strays!” says Founder/CE-Meow Amanda Jones. “As a new business opening in St. Pete, we wanted to join forces with a rescue that is deeply immersed in our community. Choosing Friends of Strays as our adoption partner was easy since their mission and values align so closely with ours. We can't wait to start saving all the cats with this a-meow-zing organization!” 

The concept of a “Catfe” may be new to St. Pete, but it’s had tremendous success across the country in places like Orlando, Seattle, Charlotte and Atlanta. In addition to creating a place for St. Pete’s animal lovers to hang out, it’s a unique vehicle to enhance the lives of Friends of Strays’ rescue cats awaiting adoption while providing awareness and education regarding responsible pet ownership. Sunshine Kitty Catfe will be opening their doors in the Grand Central District in late summer or early fall of 2019. 

If you have questions or want to learn more about this paw-some partnership, please email or