TNVR: More Than Population Control

Monday, February 1, 2021

Long-term population control may be the intended consequence of TNVR, but there are health benefits to every individual cat as well. Vaccines protect outdoor cats from disease and parasites, while spay/neuter surgeries come with longer life expectancy, lower rates of certain cancers, and fewer behavioral issues. And some cats in particular come to us with serious or painful conditions that would never be attended to if not for TNVR.

Last month, a kitten no older than 8 months was brought to Friends of Strays for TNVR services. Her caretaker noticed she had a swollen belly, but couldn’t get close enough to take a good look. When our medical team sedated her for surgery, it became obvious that some of her mammary glands were enlarged, causing her great discomfort. The condition, known as mammary hyperplasia, is an overration to sex hormones produced by the body. The mammary glands can become so swollen that they eventually rupture and can lead to severe infection. 

Thankfully, the cure for mammary hyperplasia is a simple spay surgery, which is included in TNVR services.  

Now that the source of her hormones is removed, the swelling resolved over the following weeks, and this cat is now living a happy, healthy life!