Doggy Day Out


Someone let the shelter dogs out! Friends of Strays' Doggy Day Out program pairs members of the community with our shelter dogs for field trips. Outings can last up to two hours, and can include a hike, a trip to the beach, a nap in a home or even a nice lunch or dinner in a pet-friendly restaurant. It’s a great way for people to get their pet fix in and to give our dogs a break from the shelter and learn more about their wonderful personalities! Plus, it’s a great excuse for you to spend time exploring Saint Petersburg!

How it works:

Doggy Day Out was designed to make it easy as pie for you to participate! Anyone (yes, anyone!) over the age of 18 is invited to give it a go -- no training or orientation is necessary. Just come to the shelter during open hours, fill out a short questionnaire (or save time and do it online ahead of time), and you’ll be on your way with your brand new friend! You'll be given everything you need for your adventure by shelter staff.

**We highly recommend calling before you come as we cannot guarantee at any point that dogs will be available for Doggy Day Out: 727-522-6566 ext 102**

Before your adventure:

Before you come pick your new buddy up, please follow these quick and easy steps:

  1. Give the Doggy Day Out Welcome Packet a thorough read. Here, you'll find answers to frequently asked questions, what to do in case of an emergency, and important phone numbers and contact information.
  2. Download, print, and sign the Volunteer Agreement and Release.
  3. Fill out the Volunteer Questionnaire.
  4. Before you leave, call our adoption line at 727-522-6566 ext 102. Not all of our dogs are eligible for Doggy Day Out and at no point can we guarantee that there will be dogs available.
  5. If we confirm that there are eligible dogs, come to the shelter and get your pup!

On your adventure: 

Not sure where to go with your new best friend? Fret not! Friends of Strays has put together a list of pre-approved, dog-friendly activities for you to enjoy together! 

We love to see and hear about your adventures! Pictures of your day together can help our dogs find a pawesome forever home!

If you post pics on social, please tag us:

Facebook: FriendsofStraysAnimalShelter

Twitter: @friendsofstrays

Instagram: @friendsofstrays

Don't forget to use the hashtag #FOSDoggyDayOut

You can also send photos to our Communications & Marketing Manager, Jessica, at!

After your adventure:

We want to hear all about it! Don't forget to fill out our Return Questionnaire. This is extremely important in teaching us more about our dogs and helping to place them in the best possible furever home!

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Important forms and documents:

Welcome Packet

Volunteer Agreement and Release

Volunteer Questionnaire

Return Questionnaire

Where To Go With Your Dog

Sponsorship Opportunities

Questions? Contact Friends of Strays with any questions at 727-522-6566.

Interested in supporting Doggy Day Out? Check out our available SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES!

Doggy Day Out is proudly sponsored by: