My Adoption Story

Friday, May 3, 2024

Friends of Strays is so grateful to the thousands of people who open up their hearts and homes to adopt a shelter pet every single year. Rosa Lopez, a member of our Board of Directors, adopted her dog Loki from us in 2022. Here is her perspective:

In 2021, I joined Friends of Strays as a board member. I wanted to help the community and animals however I could. But that year was challenging for my husband and me because we found ourselves mourning the loss of our 2 beloved dogs after 14 years (3/2021) and 13 years (10/2021) with us. I remember promising them that in their honor, I would adopt a dog and give it the same love and attention I did with them for more than 13 years.

Four months after our last loss, my husband and I agreed to participate in the Doggy Day Out program because we were unsure if we were ready to open our hearts to an amazing new dog. That is when we met Loki (previously "Fish").

We decided to take Loki back to our home for his day out. As soon as we arrived at our house, we were amazed at how well he behaved and how happy he was. It was like he knew that he was in his new home long before us. Time flew that day, and when it was time to return him to the shelter, I called to ask if he could stay one night with us, and of course, the answer was yes. Watching Loki play in our house and watching be him so happy won our hearts immediately.

The next day, my husband asked me, "What do you want to do?" and I said, "I want to adopt him." Although he was not emotionally ready for a new dog, he wanted to support my decision, and he said, "Let's do it". We were very nervous because neither of us previously had a medium/large dog, but that did not stop us. The next day, I called the shelter and told them I was almost sure I would adopt him because I was going to the store to buy him new stuff. Long story short, we adopted him, and it was very emotional knowing Loki's story. We learned that we were saving each other.

It's been two years since we adopted him, and he has helped me so much in many ways. He is the one who wakes me up every morning and forces me to walk outside twice a day. He helps us to take breaks during our workdays to go outside and enjoy the weather. He is a smart boy; he learns quickly and manipulates us to get what he wants. All our neighbors love him, and he loves them. He is amazing with kids and other dogs. Now, he is learning agility exercises, and he loves it. He loves to ride in the car with open windows, of course. Something that surprised me more was that he started to recognize when I had anxiety, and he started to come to me to help me. And my husband, he loves him. Hearing my husband telling him, "Loki, I love you, and I will miss you so much the day you will not be with us" is amazing.

As I said in my first social media post about him, "It is a new experience and mix of feelings. But for sure, he adopted us! In love with this sweet and big puppy full of joy."

Please adopt; your new best friend is waiting for you!