Don't adopt a pet as a surprise holiday gift. Do this instead.

Thursday, December 14, 2023

Don't adopt a pet as a surprise gift for someone else.

Around the holidays and Christmas, we often have folks wanting to get a cat or dog for a loved one as a gift. It's a well-intentioned idea, and we understand: the companionship of a pet can be a wonderful thing to add to someone's life.
But we DON'T recommend giving a pet as a surprise.
Committing to a pet is a big decision. Important considerations must be made to choose a pet who will be a good fit, like activity level, lifestyle, age, etc. Plus, there's the bond you form with them! Would a kitten or an adult cat be a better fit? Do you have the time for puppy training or would an adult dog make a better companion? These are things an individual owner should ask themselves.
Instead of adopting a pet as a surprise for someone else, bring your loved one to Friends of Strays to let them choose the pet they're drawn to and that will fit their personality and lifestyle. You can pay for the adoption fee! It's something you can do together, and your loved one can choose the pet they fall in love with – or let you know they may not be ready for a pet right now.

Pictured here: Vlad, a 4-month-old boy ready for a new home!